Misconceptions and Nutrition

Kristen Jones

It’s day 3 of our student-athletes and nutrition series and we’ve already been introduced to some key concepts about athlete nutrition. In today’s clip Dr. Wish will discuss some popular misconceptions athletes typically have when dealing with their nutrition. If you’ve ever bought protein powder, made a protein shake, taken any type of supplements (legal or illegal), or relied on energy drinks/caffeine to get you through the day then you need to see this video. All too often we find athletes consuming these things in excess and it turns out they aren’t that great for you! Of course any athlete will tell you that one of the best practices for putting on muscle is to consume more protein, but is this really true? Find out for yourself by watching today’s nutrition video you may find your self changing your eating habits. 

This article highlights additional key points about athlete nutrition.

Check out this additional link for articles discussing nutrition as well as other health related subjects from the American College of Sports Medicine.

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