What Really Happens in the Off Season

Every athlete has an off-season, it’s inevitable and is something that will always happen. As collegiate athletes we all get our “summer vacation” or time away from our coaches where they aren’t allowed to tell us what to do or how hard to push ourselves for a couple of months. Sure we all work out over the break but it never seems to be the same as working out with teammates and coaches around you pushing you to work harder than you ever thought you could.

Kristen Jones

Now what I really want to address is something that over my collegiate career I have come to find entertaining to an extent. It seems to me that each year and on every team there’s at least one person who either doesn’t do their workouts over the break or they do the bare minimum. You can usually spot these people running around frantically trying to get in to shape the week before team practices and workouts begin. Once you start your team training this person is usually sucking wind or keeled over somewhere, but they’re probably a good sport about it because they know they skipped their workouts. If you’ve stopped to think about it you can probably figure out someone you know that fits this description. If you’re saying no I don’t think my team has a person like this then it might be you! Even for the most competitive of athletes (me being one of them) you have to admit there is always a little bit of humor to be found in situations like this.

In all seriousness, every college athlete will tell you about the summer and how difficult it is to stay in shape and continue working out at such a high intensity. In a way summer can be tough for many athletes, I know it was for my self. I remember coming back from the summer and absolutely dreading the first week of team workouts because it seems that no matter how hard you work on your own you always end up getting your butt kicked. So as all you athletes head home or on vacation for the summer this is just a friendly reminder not to forget those workouts, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did them later on.