Intern Insight

Tuesday June 27th and it starts like most of my other mornings before coming to the office. I hit the snooze button on my alarm at least 5 times prior to waking up half an hour before I have to be at work and still have to eat breakfast and get through my usual morning routine. My roommates will tell you I’ve mastered the art of rushing out the door at the last minute and making it where ever I have to be right on time. However this week and today marks an exciting place in my internship, I’ve reached the half way point (technically a little more than the half way point) for the hours I have to complete to finish my internship and graduate. So in the spirit of almost being done I have decided to write about what the PBC really is like on a daily basis.

Typically my duties can range any where from social media, to blogs, shooting video, editing video, helping make changes to the website, and helping out with the new “The PBC is” portion of our site. And before all the sports seasons ended I helped out with different aspects of the conference championships for baseball and softball. You know those nifty looking programs and credential badges, yeah I helped put those together. You’d be surprised at how much everyone in this office has to contribute for all the different events and how wide a range of skill set everyone has. I can say that even in the short few months that I’ve been able to work here I have learned so much about the ins and outs of intercollegiate athletics at the conference level. 

Kristen Jones

Now I have to be honest when I came in to this internship and saw the job description that Carl had typed up I was pretty intimidated. First of all my major has nothing to do with conference work and when I say nothing I mean NOTHING. Ask me about bones, muscles, origins, actions, insertions, training principles, and the bodies physiological response to bouts of exercise and I can rattle off answers fairly quickly. On the other hand ask me about writing, shooting video, organizing championship events etc. and a few months ago I wouldn’t have known where to start. So obviously this internship was definitely outside of my comfort zone (a place I most certainly do not like to be) but it was a huge opportunity and a start in the field of intercollegiate athletics that I couldn’t pass up.

I can honestly say that I enjoy working in this office day in and day out and it has been a great experience so far. With out a doubt I know that so many of the skills and lessons I’ve learned here are ones that can’t be taught in a classroom. I get to see on a daily basis why the Peach Belt Conference really is a step above so many other conferences in Division II and I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it. Given the chance to choose an internship all over again I would choose the PBC office every time.