Collegiate Athletic Career Adivce

Kristen Jones

I want to start off by first saying that this article I just read could easily be one of the most helpful and insightful articles about jobs in collegiate athletics that I have seen recently. Before I read her blog post I had no idea who Kristi Dosh was or what she does for a living. After reading this post about careers in collegiate athletics I decided to do some reading to find out a little bit more about her professional background and who she is. It turns out that Dosh is a sports business reporter for ESPN, which as much ESPN as I watch I’m not sure how I’ve never heard of her before. Prior to working at ESPN she was a practicing attorney, a sports business analyst, and founded the website I came to the conclusion that she probably knows what she’s talking about when it comes to careers in athletics.

Every last piece of information in her blog is useful to any body looking to find a job in the field of collegiate athletics. One of the first pieces of advice she gives is to start at the very bottom and always be willing to work for free. I couldn’t help but thinking ok awesome I can go ahead and check step 1 off of my list since that is what I’m currently doing. I have to agree with her on this, and I know that I don’t necessarily have a career in collegiate athletics yet. But the experience, and knowledge that I’ve gained in a few months is indispensable in my opinion. This is just one of the few points she makes that I would highly suggest to others looking for a job in this field.

Now I don’t want to give away all of her advice from her blog so I suggest that you go to this website and read it for your self. While on the site there are also many other resources you might find helpful. She even discusses in detail what she and other employers specifically look at on a resume when hiring interns. If you’re serious and passionate about a career in athletics then you won’t miss out on reading a few of these blogs she has posted.