Typography Art + the PBC

Carl Segura
Assistant Commissioner

Why would I be posting on the Peach Blog about typography art? Pretty random, I know, but stick with me for a minute.

Per our friends over at Wikipedia:

Typography is is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning)… Typography is performed by typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic designers, art directors, comic book artists, graffiti artists, clerical workers, and anyone else who arranges type for a product.

The reason I am posting about typography (and typography art) is this:

I happened upon last year’s Rose Bowl program cover as I was surfing the web (as I often do for “work”). It is a striking image. I am in awe of graphics like this (and this, and this), which merge typography with art and graphic design to transform something simple like a logo into something much more rich and complex.

A-ha, I thought to myself as I stared at the  image above, this is not that dissimilar from the work I did in designing “The PBC is…” word cloud.

A-ha (part two), I thought to myself as I began thinking about the amazing attributes that make the PBC what it is (which is the best NCAA Division II conference in the country, in my humble opinion, and yes I am biased), why couldn’t I do something like this with the Peach Belt Conference logo and the attributes from the word cloud?

So I set about a little art project. My task, to turn this…

…into typography art. I should mention I have never done anything like this, nor am I a graphic artist. I like playing around with Photoshop, et al, but I am more of a tinkerer (learning by trial and lots of error) than an expert. It took me a couple of hours of laborious work, and there is surely a quicker way to do what I did (which is basically hand placing and arranging each word one by one), but I am happy with the end product.

Here is the graphic with the PBC logo in the background:

Here is the graphic by itself:

What do you think?