Psych your way to victory

Kristen Jones

Recently I wrote in the blog about a book I believe all athletes should read at least once, about the mental aspect of sport. But maybe you haven’t had time to sit down and read a book this summer (if you’re half as busy as I am then I know you haven’t had time for any books). So instead of a book I have an article that you can read in less than ten minutes and still take something away from it.

I’ve said it multiple times but I will say it again, the mental aspect of any sport contributes to an individual’s overall performance just as much as the physical aspect does. This article gives examples of just how influential the mind can be. It discusses superstitions and some psychological experiments they did with a group of individuals. The evidence showed that people who were told they were using a “lucky golf ball” typically performed better than those who got a “normal golf ball”.

The point is, it can potentially be as simple as believing you will perform better to get yourself to perform better. I

I strongly encourage you to read this article or the book and take a minute to assess your mental approach to the game. You never know, it could completely turn your performance around.