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Kristen Jones

If you are a student-athlete (particularly a female one) and you haven’t heard the name Kristi Dosh, I’m going to need you to stop what you’re doing and pay attention. I will admit that before I came to the Peach Belt I didn’t know who Kristi Dosh was either. However, after hearing the name, learning more about who she is, what she does and the advice she offers for people interested in jobs in athletics, I’ll be the first to say I’m a huge fan now. I follow her on twitter, I check her website at least 3-4 times a week, and am trying to patiently (key word patiently) wait for her book on Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement to come out in 2013.

I know you’re probably sitting there scratching your head and wondering why this is so important and how it has anything to do with you. Well it just so happens that Kristi Dosh is going to be a guest speaker this year at the Peach Belt Conference Women in Athletics Seminar. So in my anticipation of this event I’ve decided to give you a little bit of background information about Kristi Dosh and hopefully by the time I’m done you’ll be as excited about this upcoming seminar as I am.

Originally Dosh went to school and received her BA in politics, and then later attended law school for two years prior to becoming a practicing attorney. She also founded the website entitled The Business of College Sports where she would discuss and analyze the finances of collegiate athletic programs all over the country. This site has been used by many professors all over the US to help teach courses in sports law, administration, and management. The website is still run and maintained by two other women now that Dosh works for ESPN.

As of right now Dosh works as ESPN’s sports business reporter. Not only does she analyze college athletics business but professional sports business as well and she does this on anything ESPN related (, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN radio, and on ESPN tv programs). As if that isn’t impressive enough she has another website that I mentioned before where she gives out tons of information about jobs in athletics. One of the listings I find useful that she has on that site is her Workshop Wednesday posts. Every Wednesday she takes a cover letter sent in by sports job seekers and critiques it and adds advice on what she would like to see from a potential employee. Besides her willingness to critique cover letters each week Dosh also provides links to helpful resources for resume writing, including templates, and she links blogs from professionals who offer their career advice as well.

Everything I’ve mentioned is just a handful of information about Kristi Dosh and doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface. So check out her websites, see if there is anything you can find helpful for your personal career development, and get excited because she’s coming to the 2012 Peach Belt Conference Women in Athletics Seminar. If you want to read more about Kristi Dosh and how she got to ESPN click here.