Hanging Up The Cleats


Written by: Kristen Bagley

For four years I had the opportunity to play the sport I was most passionate about, the sport that I put hours and hours working toward just to get to the college level. However, what people don’t tell you, or what you choose not to believe, is that four years of college softball goes by in a flash. As a freshman, I wondered if I could endure four years, but as time went on I quickly realized all the 6am workouts, hours of extra ground balls, taped up ankles and blistered hands are what challenged me to become the dedicated person I am today. Then I found out exactly what it means that “all good things must come to an end”, because right when the game gets familiar it’s time to hang up the cleats. You have to find that something that fills the void of not being able to go to the field and play competitively anymore. I am so thankful for the opportunity to continue to have a presence in the sports world by being an intern for the Peach Belt Conference.

During my four years as a student athlete at Augusta University, I have always been intrigued by the Peach Belt Conference and what went on behind the scenes. I remember hoping that one day I could be a part of the process and now being the intern I get to do just that. I must say going into it I was extremely nervous (who wouldn’t be) as there are some big shoes to fill. I knew the internship would be a bit of a challenge as there would be many things that I would be doing for the first time and need to learn quickly. Such as working the backside of a website and working with InDesign, neither being one of my strong suits. But what is exciting is that through this internship I get to gain the knowledge of these tools that will allow me to be more successful in the future. I now get to see the brains behind each logo designed, social media post created and post game scores and recaps.

So what’s my role thus far as in the Peach Belt office? Every day I arrive to the office bright eyed (most of the time) and ready to get the day started. My morning job is to update the scores of the games that have gone on the day before. I have just started on PBC original statistic binders dating back to 1990 and the original years of the conference. These binders contain information such as PBC weekly releases, team standings, team and individual statistics. One of my jobs is going to be to digitalize these binders so that the information is organized as well as easily found if needed.

The Peach Belt Conference has been without a doubt one of the top conferences in DII. I am excited to call myself a temporary member of the Peach Belt Conference team, and I am looking forward to seeing what is to come in this semester.