New Year, New Experiences


Written By: Devin Nelson


Being back at Francis Marion is a little different this time around with living, running and school. I’m finally rooming with friends that are like family. It’s crazy how fast friendships grow. Now that I am a senior academically, the classes are a little more difficult but I’m going to just attack them the way I usually do. I just have to take it one assignment at a time. In terms of running, this summer was probably the best summer I’ve had training wise. I ran close to all the mileage, I started working out and doing yoga! Yoga turned out to help me out a lot more than I thought it would. I haven’t been as successful in races as I want to be yet, but its still the beginning of the season and I know I’m going to improve with time. I am pretty excited to see how far I can go in running and in school. Only three semesters to go and I cant wait to get them started.
I also recently just got back from the PBC SAAC meeting in Augusta where we went rowing at the Augusta Rowing Club. I’ve always wanted to try rowing, so I was happy I got to do it. There’s a lot more to rowing than I thought. Teamwork was very important because in order to be smooth and maintain a nice pace, everyone had to be in sync. However, it’s easier said than done. Besides the rowing we talked about new legislation that will be voted on soon. I’m excited to see what my campus SAAC has to say about the new policies that may or may not be put in place. It was great getting to know the other student athletes as it always is. With all the events I’ve been too, I feel like there’s always new faces to meet and I love that feeling because there are so many different personalities I’ve yet to meet. Its has been great being a part of SAAC and getting to learn and partake in all these experiences.