Coffee, Fitness, Burritos


Written By: Crisman Jones

Coffee, fitness, burritos. In that order, is a sequence of events and a lifestyle that I live day to day. My name is Crisman Jones and I am redshirt sophomore here at the fine institute of Flagler College located in St. Augustine, Florida. I am a member of the cross country and track team here, and from Ponte Vedra, Florida which is just shortly up the road. I am attempting to write my first blog post and not quite sure what to write about so I figured I would give a small run down on myself and my daily routine. I consume coffee, everyday within about 5 minutes of waking up, I have to have a cup before my morning cross country practice, and then one after practice during breakfast. Sometimes I take an espresso shot before I go to class, and in the afternoon if I had a long day I get a nice latte from the Kookaburra which is a local coffee shop downtown where I can just walk in and get my “usual”. With all of that extra and high levels of caffeine I need to put that energy somewhere.

My daily fitness is fueled by coffee, since being on the cross country team (we just claimed our first conference title, shout out to Brian Beil) fitness is a major key to being an efficient runner. Due to daily intense workouts, weights, pool sessions, and our recovery runs, I am fueled by coffee. With all that fitness you need to have some good recovery fuel right? Well that is where the last major aspect of my life comes in, burritos. Bean, shrimp, tofu or even a breakfast burrito there is no such thing as a burrito that is a bad idea. Burritos are an ideal recovery food for your body and for your soul. Whether Chipotle or Moes, I love them all equally and uniquely because each burrito is different and are ever exactly the same. Coffee, fitness, burritos are three key aspects of being Crisman.