My Name is Damian East. I was the spring/summer Intern at the Peach Belt Conference office, and a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina Aiken (Go Pacers!). I graduated from USCA as a communications major and plan to use my degree to work as a broadcaster, journalist, or administrator in the field of sports. Sports has been very important in my life and I have always enjoyed being involved with athletics. I played varsity basketball for my high school in Salem, VA. Now that my hooping days are over, I stay competitive by kickboxing and practicing MMA at a gym in Augusta. My passion to be around sports led me to the PBC internship and my experience has been, in short, awesome. As the PBC intern I was able to gain both office and field experience while working in sports. I have had the opportunity to work with and see all the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into running an entire athletic conference. I have a new found appreciation for the amount of hard work that goes into managing 15 different sports for 12 schools. Another interesting aspect about working with the PBC has been meeting various personnel in the athletic field like athletic directors, media, coaches and other interns who represent athletic organizations. As an intern, I would say my favorite experience was working with the PBC championships for both baseball and basketball. I was able to act as the Snapchat handle, hand out prize give-aways, and set up the champions presentation. Also, I gained experience in hosting a live post game press conference. While working, I was also able to watch some great championship games! The PBC is truly a competitive conference and home to gifted athletes, making the games very entertaining.